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Self Help Groups and Micro Credit- An Analytical Study with Special Reference to Coimbatore City

P. Palanivel, D. Sureshkumar


Microfinance and micro-credit practices have become a popular means of local development. In India, their expansion has been largest in Tamilnadu. These practices target primarily women, who are encouraged to construct self-help-groups in order to have a social basis for raising collateral and for receiving financial services. Microfinance has been perceived by the public as inducing strong positive effects on women’s empowerment and as strengthening the democratic fibre. From these standpoints, expansion and effects, it has been evaluated and analyzed whether microfinance can empower women and if empowered women can make a difference in women’s and societal issues. Interestingly, this study found that most women in this association experienced increased income and therefore improved their economic status, political and social conditions after receiving the loans. This result therefore further upholds the main purpose and objectives of microfinance in general


Indian Economy,Poverty, Irrigation, Land Use

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