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The Role Of Private And Public Sectors: An Analysis Of Methodological Steps In Understanding Growth Cycles

Santosh Singh Bais, Jagannath B. Kukkudi


Though with a very long standing history of a century the growth cycles have once again been in the limelight of thinking of modern economists of 1960 and that of 1995. However, the 21st century growth cycles have been in the focus for policy makers of both developed and developing countries alike. The globalization phenomena has added new  dimension to these business cycles and have been a matter of time to time concerns of the policy makers of the developing countries which by nature have a vivid experience in different sectors of the economy. Indeed in the result years it is the current fluctuations which have occupied a prime place in all the economy which are going to be tied or cemented through trade, what attempts are essential and harmonious so as to control these short term growth fluctuations and what political and economic compromises are needed requires a brief analysis this what had been attempted in the paper.


Indian Economy, growth cycle, private and public sector

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