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Paving the Way for Business Quality with Integrated Business Innovations: A Case Study Of VERKA

Gunmala Suri


TQM is not a fixed destiny. It is a continuous journey towards excellence. A strong foundation based on Quality Assurance system in any organization is a must for TQM; Stratton (1993). This is essential to adopt a systematic approach towards regular setting of higher goals of improvements and achieving them continually. Organizations that prepare themselves to endure the test of time, maintain cutting edge on a clearly laid down vision, policy and strategies. The vision guides and communicates with the organization’s people ensuring stead fold commitment to their own aspiration for determining a constancy of purpose. Vision therefore stipulates a process of communication, which builds trust and enables permeation of clear and consistent values through the rank and file of the organization. In order to explore various aspects of international competitiveness MILKFED has identified seven key dimensions (popularly known as 7Cs) have been explored as a case.


gender discrimination, labour, Indian economy

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