Mini Milk Revolution: A Case Of Youth Leadership For Village Economy


  • R.M. Channaveer



Indian Economy, case study, milk revolution, Indian economy


Dr. Kurien the father of white revolution in India is not known in this village, but his mission is getting white here.  Yelladgundi a remote village in Karnataka is getting white face-lift due to a transformative youth initiative.  A handful of youths are striving for the last over two years to transform their village through self-help and milk diary activities. Village is flooded with milky animals, youths are no more wasting time as earlier, women's purse is filled with bounty of rupees, shy educated youths are grazing cattle and working in fields, and lakh of rupee revenue is drawn to the village. And so, the fields are filled with abode of happiness, as youth are working in the fields, once neglected considering it a low dignity work.  Responsible youths are now affectionately pushing the elderly engaged in fields to homes for needed rest with a feeling of great sigh.


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Channaveer, R. (2012) “Mini Milk Revolution: A Case Of Youth Leadership For Village Economy”, Journal of Global Economy, 4(2), pp. 220–224. doi: 10.1956/jge.v4i2.127.