ICT Industry In India: A Swot Analysis


  • P. K. Manoj




Indian Economy, Communication development, Infrastructure


For an emerging economy like India, fast economic development is possible essentially by embracing ICT in a big way, as ICT alone can provide the requisite competitive edge that is essential for fast and sustained economic growth in a globalized environment. In its endeavor to become the ‘global services hub’, what India needs to attain is nothing but unmatched performance in respect of ICT, BPO and allied sectors. While, it appears that the policy initiatives so far have been in the right direction and so is the performance of this industry over the years, there is no scope for complacency as is evident from ever growing competition from other nations, especially the developing world. In this context, it is relevant to make an analysis of the trend in respect of the performance of Indian ICT industry over the last few years vis-à-vis the rest of the world, the latest developments and trends in the field. Such an analysis would reveal, inter alia, the problems and weaknesses of the industry, as well as its opportunities and threats.  Accordingly, it helps us to formulate meaningful strategies that are helpful for  making the industry abreast of the changes. This paper is an effort in this direction.


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Manoj, P. K. (2012) “ICT Industry In India: A Swot Analysis”, Journal of Global Economy, 3(4), pp. 263–278. doi: 10.1956/jge.v3i4.143.