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Participation of the Selected Farm Working Women in Decision Making Based On Their Economic Status

V. S. Bhalerao, D. N. Kulkarni


In this study it was proposed to assess the participation of the selected farm working women in decision making on the basis of their socio-economic status (SES) in household aspects. For this study, 500 farm working rural women were selected. The respondents of 18 – 60 years age were selected from two villages of five talukas each from Parbhani district with a objective to study the participation of farm working women in decision making to various family matters. They were classified into three groups as low, middle & high SES (168, 167 & 165 respondents in each group respectively) depending on their family income, occupation & education of both husband and wife. The information was elicited on participation of farm working women in decision making in various family aspects like education & health of children, marriage matters, routine, special & daily purchasing of commodities, expenditure on personal requirements, daily food preparation, etc. through interview schedule and observation. The collected information was again confirmed by questioning the family members / heads of the family on related aspects. The opinions received from the respondents for various aspects were classified into three groups depending on their answers as participate fully (F), participate partially (P) and not at all participate (NA) in decision making.


women, gender discrimination, Indian economy

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