Agriculture: Where does the problem lie?


  • Deepak Khanna
  • Renu Verma



Indian economy, agriculture, economic reforms


India initiated the process of globalization and liberalization since 1991. Over the past decade globalization and liberalization in India has been discussed mainly in terms of foreign investment, industrial development, information technology and the tremendous growth of service sector etc and there has been a substantial media coverage of all these aspects of the Indian economy. Despite its importance in the economy, agriculture has received much less attention and adequate efforts have not been made to analyze the impact of globalization on this sector. The present study is an attempt to analyze the growth of agriculture sector during the pre and post reform period as well as identify the most important factors that determine its growth performance. On the basis of this analysis an attempt has been made to recommend certain suggestive measures to revitalize the agriculture sector.


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Khanna, D. and Verma, R. (2012) “Agriculture: Where does the problem lie?”, Journal of Global Economy, 2(2), pp. 77–89. doi: 10.1956/jge.v2i2.205.