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he Worldwide Expansion of Education the Past Half-Century and its Impact upon the Global Economy

Irina NICOLAU, Adina Musetescu


Education is considered to be a major component of culture, with an important role in transmitting knowledge, ideas and beliefs from generation to generation, especially nowadays, when information is vital for our society. At the same time, education can highly influence the strategic orientation of any company which activates on a global market, by forcing it to adapt its strategies accordingly to some educational indicators such as: the level of alphabetisation, the role of women in that society (are them accepted or not), the general state of the educational system or the adoption of the concept of lifelong learning. It is well known that the educational system of a country largely reflects its cultural development. That’s why the aim of this article is to highlight the defining role of education on the economic development, the consumer behaviour and, furthermore, on the strategic orientations of companies that activate on the Single European Market.

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