Enhancing Marginal Field Development Economics: Leasing Operated Production Facility Approach


  • Sumeet Gupta
  • Tushar Gupta




Indian Economy, fields evaluation, Bbusiness economics, Oil extraction, marginal field production


Innovative technical advances are now enabling operators to consider development of fields previously identified as uneconomic or marginal. However such projects can still fail to progress since development using a traditional engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) approach does not always meet the required targets for economics, risk and timescale necessary for approval to proceed. This paper will detail how the use of fit-for-purpose production facilities mobilized on a leased, operated and maintained basis now offers an alternative approach to the provision of a field production solution. This approach enables operators to limit their initial set up and infrastructure cost at the front end of a project, to gather additional information on the performance and productivity of their wells and to make a more informed decision on the future of the fields. As a result, operators can keep both their project and capital risk exposure to a minimum. By achieving this production on a fast track basis, revenue from the sale of produced well fluids is generated early. Combined with the low initial cost and lower capital risk of this approach, the economic viability of progressing an asset to full scale production is further enhanced. Based on this sequential investment model, a real option analysis of the overall field development plan can therefore make a project viable, even if the overall net present value (NPV) appears marginal using more traditional methods. In conclusion the research will present technical solutions for the various fields evaluation and production stages of a full field development utilizing the leased facility approach, associated commercial models and case studies for recently completed projects




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Gupta, S. and Gupta, T. (2012) “Enhancing Marginal Field Development Economics: Leasing Operated Production Facility Approach”, Journal of Global Economy, 8(1), pp. 63–71. doi: 10.1956/jge.v8i1.7.




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