Control over resources: A Gender Perspective

  • Suchitra S Kumar
Keywords: Indian Economy, Resources, Levels of Deprivation, Gender discrimination


This paper attempts to test gender differentials in order to ascertain whether access to economic resources makes any difference to the deprivation levels of the households headed by males and by females. The deprivation levels are based on the possessions at the household level of some basic social and physical amenities of life as used in the study conducted by K. Srinivasan and S. K. Mohanty (2004).  The data used is Secondary data taken from the NFHS-2.  The regression model applied in this paper explicitly controls the deprivation levels. The results show that there is no significant difference in male-headed families and female-headed families due to control over resources. 
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Kumar, S. S. (2009). Control over resources: A Gender Perspective. Journal of Global Economy, 5(4), 341-348.