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Export Prospects of Tea from India: Untapped Potential

P Kiran Kumar, - Jayasheela


Certain geological and climatic factors have facilitated steadfast growth of tea industry in India. Today India is the largest producer of tea in the world. It accounts for 19 percent of the total area under tea cultivation in the world, 28 percent of world production, 22 percent of global tea consumption and 15 percent of total global exports. Tea is grown in 15 states of India. Predominantly it is North Indian states that have larger share of land under cultivation and tea production. They command a 77 percent share in tea production of India and balance by South India. Whereas state-wise, Assam is top of the league with 50.7 percent followed by West Bengal with 22.1 percent, Tamil Nadu with 15.9 percent and Kerala with 8.3 percent.


Indian Economy,South east Asia, market crisis

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