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Some Aspects Of Socio-Economic Development In North Eastern Region Of India: Does It Go In Right Path?

R K Mandal


This study deals with the study of the diversification of developmental activities in northeast states of India. Economic development scholars and third world analysts have effectively argued through the use of economic data and statistics that high rates of population growth are economically unsustainable. The problem lies in a very simple calculation. The resources of a country, whether the land area and the infrastructural services, such as water and electricity, not even to mention nutrition and health care requirements, are established at a certain level and raising that level, as in expanding services and raising food production, are long term. Almost all the countries in the world will have imbalances at regional and lower level in the equitable share in the national assets like natural resources, economic assets and manpower distribution. In order to reduce regional or sub-regional imbalances, planners and policy makers make efforts and evolve the strategies which are aimed at minimizing such imbalances. The past one and half decade has witnessed a tremendous upward swing in various development programmes giving a new thrust to the North-east economy. The study seeks to search that does the recent speedy developmental activities in North East Region undergo in right way?


Developmental activities, Population growth, Infrastructural services, Regional imbalances, Manpower distribution

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