Subscriptions Contact

Mrs Meenu sachdeva
403, NavSmruti, St Anthony Street Kalina, Mumbai 400098

Individual Subscriptions

Individual subscriptions require login to access subscription content.

Name Format Duration Cost
Individual/Subscription Print Version within India Rs 2000
You can pay by paypal or credit card. DD or at par cheques should sent in the name of Apex Subscription Pvt Ltd payable at Mumbai
Print and Online 1 year 40.00 (USD)
Individual Print Version Outside India 80 USD
Print 1 year 80.00 (USD)
Online Subscription only Rs 1000
Online 1 year 20.00 (USD)

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutional subscriptions do not require login. The user's domain and/or IP address is used to provide access to subscription content.

Name Format Duration Cost
Institutional yearly online only
Rs 1000 per annum for online only
Online 1 year 20.00 (USD)