Poverty In Post Independent Eritrea - Challenges And Implications

  • Ravinder Rena
Keywords: Eritrea Economy, Rural economy, Poverty, Standard of Living, GDP


Poverty is one of the conspicuous features of the developing economies in Africa. It is more sever in Eritrea where the size of its economy is small, significant economic growth and transformation may take place if Eritrea exploits all opportunities for export of goods and services and is open to foreign investment and can curtail the rampant poverty. No economy can develop without the right mix of educated, experienced and skilled labor.  Skill itself isn’t adequate without the right attitude, hope and enthusiasm among the labor force. This indicates that there are other factors which affect poverty of a household in conjunction with education. There is a need for providing complementary factors along side with education so as to alleviate poverty. These results suggest labour market policies as potential instruments for tackling poverty in Eritrea. It is possible that because of the war situation and aging population most of those who are poor and unemployed may turn out to be non employable.  Classification-JEL: Keywords:
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