Gender Discrimination In India –A Need For Intervention


  • Jaibheem Dharagi
  • K.S. Malipatil
  • T.H. Basavaraj



Gender Discrimination


In India, gender discrimination is prevailing to a greater extent.  This is evidenced and found in every walk of life.  Gender discrimination between men and women, boys and girls take root even at the early stage of infancy.  The starting point of this evil is the family itself.  This is a deep-rooted problem carried on from generation to generations.  Girls are most often regarded as “risksâ€.  In many societies, girls live in vulnerable conditions because the risk factor lies simply in being a female. Gender inequity works against girls throughout their lives.  Wide ranges of discriminatory and violent practices are institutionalized in cultural traditions and thereby legitimated as ‘social norms’ so routinely practiced that they become invisible.  Such practices need to be eliminated in an equally systematic way.


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Dharagi, J., Malipatil, K. and Basavaraj, T. (2012) “Gender Discrimination In India –A Need For Intervention”, Journal of Global Economy, 3(1), pp. 37–41. doi: 10.1956/jge.v3i1.191.