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Role Of Women In Agriculture: A Micro Level Study

E. Krishna Rao


As per 1991 NSSO report out of 1000 cultivators, number of women cultivators declined from 385 to 224 while the male cultivators decreased from 401 to 306 during 1971 to 1991. Between the same periods the women agricultural labourers increased from 391 to 603, while their counter part male increased from 217 to 306. This indicates that the growth of women agricultural labourers is high than the male agricultural labourers, means the women gives priority as field labour than the cultivator in agriculture. With this background in this paper an attempt has been made (i) To study the role of women in agriculture and changes in their position at micro level, that is village level and (ii) To study the gender discrimination in land, labour and wage market.


women, gender discrimination, agriculture, rural

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