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Targeting the Poor for Rural Development – Review of International Experience on Microcredit Programmes

Saikumar C. Bharamappanavara, Dr. Naveen Kumar K


This paper is an argumentation presented with review of literatures on the topic, In broader context gave the comprehensive picture on microcredit concept and its working principle to fight against poverty. In the beginning the causes for rural credit problems, reasons for stagnation in the rural society instead of growth and development causing poverty thrift, which is more to reality in almost all the developing countries in the world is reviewed and discussed. Then ephemerally explained how micro-credit can become a new development strategy to tackle the problem in a massive way in the context of globalization giving the success example Bangladesh. Later explanations on definitions of microcredit were given with narrowed down focus a bit on meaning of micro-credit. In the Later part discussed the picture of micro-credit experiments and experiences at the world level, with few experiences of developing Asian countries like Bangladesh and India. The “micro-credit outreach to reach the Millennium Development Goals is also discussed and concluded with topics for future debate.


Microcredit, MDGs, NGOs

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