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Determinants of National Gross Domestic Product among Disaggregated Development Expenditure Schemes: An Experience of Indian Economy during 1990-91 to 2004-05

Saiyedali Ahmedmiya Saiyed


This paper is a study which examines what are the determinants of National Gross Domestic Product. In India various disaggregated development expenditure schemes undertaken during period of 1990-91 to 2004-05 have a significant influence on determination of National Gross Domestic Product. Here association between cross-sectional disaggregated development expenditure schemes and year-wise number of National Gross Domestic Product in India is estimated by a Multivariate Regression Model Analysis. Cross-sectional analysis shows significant association between year-wise number of gross domestic product and disaggregated development expenditure schemes in terms of Agriculture and Allied Activities, Rural Development, Irrigation and Flood Control, Energy, Industries and Minerals, Transport, Education, Health Including Medical, and Others Services, included together jointly in the model, have positive influence on the determination of Gross Domestic Product  in the Indian economy.

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