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Investigation of Effective Factors on the Process of Corporate Entrepreneurship in Iran

Mehran. Bayekolaei Mokhtari


The study of human life from the beginning of the history of creation to the present suggests that the Entrepreneurial factor plays an important role in the development of societies. In other words, we can say that Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs have been active since old times, but they have been considered as proper factors until recently. Entrepreneurship, creativity and venturing are considered as the fuel to the engine of modern economy. Entrepreneurs are on the top of the business, they are looking for opportunities, and creativity is also deemed to be as the key to their success. Entrepreneurs considers change as a natural phenomenon, they are always looking for it show reaction to it and make use it as an opportunity. The in creasing complexity and competition in today's world which is accompanied by the rapid developments of passing and international environment from industrial society to informational society also changing the national economy in to the global led to the consideration of Entrepreneurship as the drive motor to the development of economy.


ducation, corporates

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