Young Sex Workers and their Health Hazards in Old Age: A Study in Mumbai-Karnataka region


  • Gangadhar Balchandrarao Sonar Department of Social Work Rani Channamma University P.G.Centre Vijayapur



female sex workers, social exclusion, health hazards


This paper is the outcome of an empirical study conducted as part of major research project supported by University Grants Commission, New Delhi.  The aim of the paper is to explore the health complications developed by female elderly sex workers aged 45 years and above who entered the profession between the age group of 13 to 35 years.  They are a section of women, weakest among the weaker sections for being women, vulnerable, stigmatised, marginalised, excluded and resource poor. The paper suggests measures to ameliorate the conditions of female elderly commercial sex workers with reference to their health needs.

Author Biography

Gangadhar Balchandrarao Sonar, Department of Social Work Rani Channamma University P.G.Centre Vijayapur

Social Work

Assistant Professor


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