Opportunities and Challenges in Marketing of Organic Food Products in Uttarkhand


  • Ratna Banerjee
  • Meenakshi Sharma




Sustainable products, organic food products, Environment sustainability


Rising population, economic growth and awareness regarding environmental sustainability is making the consumers as well as companies to look for alternative products. In this regard, organic food product is one of the source to reduce environmental degradation as well as lead to increased employment opportunities. This paper examines the challenges and opportunities of marketing organic food products in Dehradun city and nearby areas. Additionally it identifies the demand-supply gap and the economic viability of using organic products. Descriptive study is done on the information obtained from retailers/suppliers to study the disparities in the prices of organic food products and the reasons behind them. The study considered organic farming to be a feasible production system towards sustainable development and recommends development of an organic farming policy in Uttarakhand through wide consultation with all stakeholders. Further scope may include recyclable (environment friendly) packaging, other sustainable products such as e-vehicle for logistics and all.




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Banerjee, R. and Sharma, M. (2018) “Opportunities and Challenges in Marketing of Organic Food Products in Uttarkhand”, Journal of Global Economy, 14(4), pp. 11–20. doi: 10.1956/jge.v14i4.493.



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