The revival of trade in the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU)

  • Idrissi Sonia
  • Afef Tlili
Keywords: Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), Trade


In particular, transport infrastructure can be seen as a lever for economic and social development, as it can be an important accelerator of the regional integration process in the southern Mediterranean. Several studies have shown that the improvement of infrastructure and the redevelopment of ports, airports, railways and roads have positive effects on economic growth, employment, industry and competitiveness. More importantly, improving the flow of goods and people illustrates a major indicator of regional integration. In many countries, economic recovery cannot begin without upgrades to the infrastructure. In this Communication, we have shown the important role of the transport sector and its major contribution to improving intra-AMU trade. The results show that the transport factor in the southern region is still weak and unable to advance its integration process. This weakness will encourage these countries to pursue an adequate strategy that will advance the process of regional integration and the development of production capacities and infrastructure in order to achieve the objectives of their economic growth.


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