An Analytical Study of the Role of ICT in Higher Education


  • Dr. Daksha Dave



ICT, High Education, Learning process, Networking, Collaborations


The revolution in information and technology is resulted in drastic change in every aspect of economics. ICT made ridicules change in education, especially in higher education. Right from admission to till results every stages ICT playing very vital role. Traditional forms of teaching and learning are increasingly being converted to online and virtual environments. There are endless possibilities with the integration of ICT in the education system. The use of ICT in education not only improves classroom teaching learning process, but also provides the facility of e -learning. ICT has enhanced distance learning in the 21st century. Here attempt is made to find out “An Analytical Study of the Role of ICT in higher education in 21st century.†Study is based on primary as well as secondary data. The study found that teachers and students are using earnestly ICT for teaching learning process. It is also useful to solve their doubts and gaining knowledge of currents events and also providing global connectivity and competitiveness. Students can learn through various online courses which is helpful to increase their employability. At the same many issues and challenges also arise such as networking, collaborations with industry for internship, proper training etc. Any changes in system make little difficult but end is always fruitful, so the Role of ICT in higher education will lead nation’s development.




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Dave, D. D. (2019) “An Analytical Study of the Role of ICT in Higher Education”, Journal of Global Economy, 15(1 (Special), pp. 56–61. doi: 10.1956/jge.v15i1 (Special.559.