New Technologies To Boost Marketing of Agriculture Produce in India : An Overview

  • Neeta Singh


Agriculture in India is the core sector for food security, nutritional security, and sustainable
development & for poverty alleviation. It contributes approximately 14% of GDP. Milestones in
agriculture development in India includes: Green revolution, Evergreen revolution, Blue
revolution, White revolution, yellow revolution, Bio technology revolution and the most recent
one is Information and communication technology revolution. IT supports new methods for
precision agriculture like computerized farm machinery that applies for fertilizers and pesticides.
Farm animals are fed and monitored by electronic sensors and identification systems. Selling or
buying online began to become popular in the world. However, it’s most important role remains
communication, and the Internet has provided us with an ideal opportunity to do so.
Central, State governments and private organisations have taken ICT measures for agriculture
extension which include ITC-e-choupal, Kisan Kerala, Aaqua, Rice Knowledge management
portal, e-krishi, Mahindra Kisan Mitra, IFFCO Agri-portal, Village knowledge centers (VKCs) –
M.S. Swaminathan research foundation (MSSRF), village resource centres (VRCs).
Agriculture is the backbone of our country since we have a huge population and high demand for
the commodities to serve the hunger of the nation. And it is the main livelihood for more than
58% of our country since our country consists of more villages and rural areas, it has been
practiced from the generations from the ancestors till today.
So, to strengthen the farmer and to increase the food supply chain, the Central and State
Government are jointly taking steps to reach the commodities from farmers to consumers by
using different Agricultural Marketing methods for a good price by eliminating middlemen and
enabling farmers to get maximum profit, as well as end customers to get the lowest price. The
present paper is an attempt to study these important aspects of agricultural marketing which
enables Indian Economy to grow GDP as well as to maintain stability in food chain management.

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