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The Instruments of Supporting Entrepreneurs In Times Of Economic Crisis (Case Study Poland)

Anna Stepniak-Kucharska


Economic crises affect all micro- and macroeconomic areas. Particularly vulnerable to unfavorable changes are enterprises which are often unable to cope with these problems on their own. In this situation, the state helps enterprises with “soft financing”. The systemic anti-crisis measures introduced in Poland over the last 20 years (1990-2010) covered altogether three crises. The crisis which overcame Poland’s economy in the early 1990s was an effect of transformation of the whole socio-economic system. The second crisis took place at the turn of 20th century and the third in 2009. The first two crises involved state support for enterprises in the form of passive financial restructuring, that is the debt write-off. During the third crisis entirely new measures were adopted, based on liberalized labor law and direct support for enterprises


financial crisis, soft financing, financial restructuring, anti-crisis package

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