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Antidisestablishmentarianism in the American Election: The Rise of Donald Trump and Far Right Parties in Europe, Identity Politics in the light of Niccolo Machiavelli’s Treatise – ‘The Prince’.

KSHITIZ Gupta, Sumeet Gupta


Background - The functioning of the American elections has a subtle political and social ring that resonates around the world but the concern regarding its proper functioning has been exacerbated by the 2016 election and the rise of President Donald Trump.

Objective - The first section of the research paper looks at a few noteworthy difficulties confronting U.S political decisions, including extending party polarization over electrical methodology, the frangibility and vulnerability of historic classified electronic information to hacking and the effect of deregulation of campaign spending, aggravating the absence of definite measures. The second section compares, the political landscape and candidates of the 2016 presidential elections with respect to various variables that laid the foundation for the 2016 election along the French, Austrian, and German election. The paper also covers practical reforms tailored to strengthen electoral laws by improving the freedom and upholding the professional standard in election management by continuous social evaluation of candidates as social media is becoming an infectious ground for populist political moments.

Data - The data is collected from the American government’s website for national statistics and the election data for Austria France, and Germany is collected from the national statistics website of the European Union. The data is analysed in R.Studio and Python.

Conclusion - The political ideology of Machiavelli’s treatise, ‘The Prince’ is compared with the rise of Trump with respect to Christian morality in politics. Stress has been laid, on the rhetoric of right wing parties and how identity politics shaped the American election and brought the European far right into limelight.


Trump, Politics, Far Right, France, Machiavelli

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