A Study of E-consumer Behaviour towards E-goods (tangible goods) in Mumbai City (Byculla - E Ward)


  • Chantelle Mascarenhas SNDT Women's University, Mumbai
  • Dr. Sanjaykumar P. Phad SNDT Women's University, Mumbai




e-consumer, price-sensitive behaviour, consumer perception, digital payment systems


Convenience, accessibility and inexpensive range of information have attracted many towards the field of online shopping, luring them for more and more shopping experiences with availability of a wider range of products. Online shopping being a larger industry, needs to keep themselves constantly updated with the types of consumers choosing to shop online, the factors influencing e-consumers attitudes to shop, the kinds of e-purchases made and the mode of payment opted for online shopping purchases. The purpose of this research paper is to seek such information to help online marketers to map out strategies in order to cover a wide range of consumers in the society by transforming the offline shoppers to online shoppers and optimizing sales of different e-purchases. Thus, making web based applications an interactive mode to connect e-tailers with e-consumers with utmost trust and transparency. This research paper involves collection and analysis of data through 100 respondents with the help of questionnaire method.


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Chantelle Mascarenhas and Dr. Sanjaykumar P. Phad (2021) “A Study of E-consumer Behaviour towards E-goods (tangible goods) in Mumbai City (Byculla - E Ward) ”, Journal of Global Economy, 17(3), pp. 189–199. doi: 10.1956/jge.v17i3.630.