Vol 4, No 1 (2008)

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Table of Contents


Microfinance Intervention In Poverty Alleviation And Development PDF
A. Shanthi, M. Dhanabhakyam 41-50


People’s Participation in Decentralising Planning for Rural Development in the Reform Era: Opportunities and Challenges PDF
G. V. Joshi 4-13
Standard of Living Index (SLI) and Inequalities in the Rural Areas of Uttar Pradesh PDF
Alok Kumar Pandey, Annapurna Dixit 15-27
Poverty In Post Independent Eritrea - Challenges And Implications PDF
Ravinder Rena 28-40
Though They Are Poor : Possess Substantial Potentiality Of Development PDF
Anand Lodade 51-60
Inequality In The Society: A Comparative Study Of Uttar Pradesh And Kerla PDF
A.K. Tiwari, A.K. Shukla 61-66
“Rural Indebtedness”: ‘With Special reference to Sugarcane Growers’ PDF
Pratibha B. Desai, S.N. Salawade 67-75
Rural Poverty - Irrigation Nexus in Tamil Nadu PDF
S Gurunathan 76-82

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