Horticulture Development Scenario in Karnataka


  • - Jayasheela
  • V. Basil Hans
  • P Kiran Kumar




Horticulture, Karnataka,


Karnataka, which ranks 2nd in installation of drip irrigation, has vast potential for growth and export of horticulture crops of different variety. Horticulture in Karnataka contributes 40 per cent of the combined income from agricultural sector and its share in state GDP is about 17 per cent, both of which are significant for the growth of Karnataka economy in general and its agricultural sector in particular. This paper therefore, tries to revisit the domain of Karnataka horticulture in order to examine its growth and development in terms of area, productivity, output, export potential and income derived.  The primary objective of the authors herein is to highlight the horticultural development experience of the state in terms of the above mentioned variables so as to draw lessons for further progress of horticulture both in Karnataka and the rest of India. Such a study when viewed in a macro perspective is of immense value in today’s need for a globally integrated and locally sustainable agriculture.

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Jayasheela, .-., Hans, V. B. and Kiran Kumar, P. (2012) “Horticulture Development Scenario in Karnataka”, Journal of Global Economy, 3(3), pp. 195–209. doi: 10.1956/jge.v3i3.184.