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“Impact of Environmental Awareness Module among Under Graduate Students”

Suman K Murthy, Dr. Laxmi Putran, Mr. Nireekshan Singh Gowgi S K, Ms. Nuthana D Balekoppa



Conservation of environment and bio diversity is the need of the hour to protect our habitat. The current study was undertaken to engage the undergraduate students, in a participative workshop on environment Awareness- Bio Diversity module,  to bring about positive perception on environment conservation.

A module on Environmental Awareness was prepared. Environment Awareness- Bio Diversity module  of ten hours duration, spread across two days of activity and field visit based programmes in five areas- Bio diversity, Pollution, Water conservation, Food/ fuel requirement and conservation. The module was administered to two groups of undergraduate students.   Pre and post module exposure awareness was tested through a self prepared questionnaire. The results reveal that the exposure to environmental awareness module had positive impact on the respondents.

Key Words: Environment awareness module; Graduate students; conservation


Environment awareness module; Graduate students; conservation

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