A Study on consumer outlook in skin care segment in India

  • Venkataraman B Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Maha Vidayala University, Kancheepuram.


The driving force behind the usage of personal care products has evolved considerably among Indian consumers. The study focuses on current outlook and developments in India’s personal care products in particular to skin care segment. The study is aimed at mapping the current consumer needs, behaviour and expectation in facial care products. The trend in India is linked to consumers’ behaviour and psychological patterns that reflects the unique thinking and culture of different regions- North, South, West and East India based on the demographics (age, education, occupation and annual income).In this study the regional distribution of consumers preference has been identified.  Based on the research work, it is observed Indian consumers still prefer synthetic products in spite of market promotional activities launched for natural products. Based on the primary survey, though certain consumers are keen to shift towards natural products, the perceived health benefits have to be quantified by the manufacturers to create demand for the segment. Also it was found, unlike the west, naturals are not ‘premium’ in India and are cheaper than non-naturals. Naturals in India are highly accessible and value for money. Key words – Skin care, Anti-aging, mositurizer, facial care products, natural ingredients.
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