• G. Ramakrishnan
  • Nikhil Kulshrestha
  • A. Lakshmana Rao
  • Santhosh Koyadan
Keywords: Agricultural productivity, motivation, agriculture, developing countries


With the current Global crisis of increasing population, decreasing cultivable land and environmental pollution, agricultural production is getting a big hit. Particularly in Developing countries, the agricultural productivity is extremely low. Unless the productivity is increased it will be very difficult to cater the needs of present and future generations. At the same time it needs to be analyzed whether the farmers who are responsible for agricultural production are having enough motivation to achieve this task. Studies provide insight that younger generation is inclined towards migrating to cities to take up other profession leaving agriculture. If proper incentive schemes are introduced and farmers are motivated, there is a possibility of enhancing agricultural productivity. This paper aims in finding out ways of increasing agricultural productivity with special reference to Motivation.


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Ramakrishnan, G., Kulshrestha, N., Rao, A. L., & Koyadan, S. (2018). MOTIVATION – A TOOL IN ENHANCING AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. Journal of Global Economy, 14(4), 21-30.