The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence AI in Digital Marketing


  • Darshan Mahakal The Institute of Management Development and Research in Pune, India


Artificial intelligence (AI), Digital marketing, Machine Learning, Data.


In recent years, the field of digital marketing has seen a substantial impact from artificial intelligence (AI). Digital marketing methods that are more successful and efficient because of the use of AI have changed how firms communicate with their clients. The ability to collect and analyse vast volumes of data using AI-powered tools and technologies has improved marketers understanding of consumer behaviour and preferences. More personalized marketing initiatives have resulted from this, which are more likely to connect with consumers and increase conversion rates. Furthermore, AI has made it possible for companies to automate some marketing processes, including lead generation and customer support, freeing up resources and enabling marketers to concentrate on more complex duties. Aside from privacy issues, the use of AI in digital marketing also prompts worries about the possibility of biases being incorporated into the decision-making process. It will be crucial for marketers to carefully assess the ethical implications of AI use as it develops and try to reduce any bad effects. In general, AI has had a favourable impact on digital marketing, allowing companies to contact and interact with their target consumers more successfully.





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