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Fundamental analysis, Technical Analysis, Behavioral Finance


Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.”
A capital market can provide huge impetus to the development of any economy .so, it can be said that the growth and sustainability of capital markets plays an important role towards the development of the economy. It is being observed that huge fluctuations are happening in Indian capital market in recent past, but with the help of proper mechanism, which is being observed in India and after examining various risk factors involved in capital markets, we attempt to say that the growth which has been observed in Indian capital market in recent past is a realty, but not a myth. Right from the independence, thanks to steps initiated by the Indian government especially after the post liberalization era. A huge growth has been observed in the aspects of quality and quantity. Huge increase has been observed in the volumes of trade.
We know that capital markets play a vital role in Indian economy, the growth of capital markets will be helpful in raising the per-capita income of the individuals, decrease the levels of un-employment, and thus reducing the number of people who lies below the poverty line. With the increasing awareness in the people they start investing in capital markets with long-term orientations, which would provide capital inflows to the sectors requiring financial assistance.
“Hedge risk; make the derivatives market your investment option”
Derivative is finally engineered instruments which derive its value from price of a specific asset. Value of Equity Derivatives is derived from share price of any company or share index. In India trading of two types of derivatives are permitted – Futures and Options. Derivatives trading desks face a growing number of challenges – more sophisticated derivative instruments, fiercer competition, and stricter risk reporting and compliance requirements. It is now common to trade options with multi-asset-class underlying instruments quoted in different currencies, such as an option offering the best return between a Brazilian bond and a U.S. stock index. Investor uses the derivatives as an edged sword. Derivatives instruments are like a mother’s womb that cares of her baby (Investor) from volatility in the market. In nutshell this study is an effort to analyze the trading mechanism which has been followed by the investors in current scenario.



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